Mission: Expression

Thoughts on productivity, writing, and more.

Harvest your best ideas with a long-term to-do list

Imagine having the perfectly calibrated to-do list. It's stuffed with high-ROI tasks that will help realize your long-term goals.

Amplenote featured on Youtube: "the best note taking app for transforming ideas into actions"

Suddenly it feels like we've got a lot more responsibility to live up to. Prominent Youtube productivity app reviewer Shu Omi took a look at Amplenote in a 17 minute video that declared Amplenote "...

Note linking hotkeys and auto-tagged notes

Today, we implemented two new hotkeys that expedite the translation from phrase into note ⚡ To go with this fresh improvement, we also extended the existing mechanism for double-bracket [[ note lin...

Networked note improvements: tag suggestions & automatic link swapping

Two big improvements to report from our recent dev efforts.

Richer Footnotes: tweets, sheets videos, and links to specific note sections

In today's release, we're making Rich Footnotes even richer still -- adding the option to embed content from Twitter, Google Spreadsheets, or YouTube. It's also now possible to link to (and preview...

Now live: Transclusion, filtered backlinks, unlinked references, and more

The focus of our most recent sprint has been to flesh out and polish our backlinks implementation. Here's how that's going.

Mobile Jots, moving tasks, fuzzy dates, iPad improvements, plus more

We’ve been dogfooding Jots since their inception, so our team is just as excited as our users to get access to this feature across the mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and iPad.

Our attempt to unify four types of apps into the Idea Execution Funnel

Our take on daily notes puts it at the beginning of a journey from idea into action.

Keyboard shortcuts & markdown examples

We recently updated our help page for keyboard shortcuts and markdown syntax examples. Check them out here.

Core customer values: robust export, fast cancellation, always listening

Customers who are first coming across the "Amplenote brand" have little opportunity to hear what values matter most to our company. That seems like it should be a solvable problem.

New: Markdown Importer, text highlighting, and more

Are you using a note taking app that exports to markdown? Previously we offered importing for Evernote and Roam, but as of today's deploy, there's a new importer in town, and it's the boringest of ...

Unified Task List: an auto-sorted list of every task you've ever created

Our most popular feature request, Unified Todo List, is being rolled out this week and next. This feature is built to wrangle hundreds or thousands of tasks you accumulate across work, hobbies, etc...

New content: Why classic todo lists always fail

If you seek freedom from the tyranny of being driven by "recent" and "urgent" tasks, this one is for you.

Bidirectional note linking, and an offer for Roam importers

Over the past year, users of every major note-taking app have clamored for better connectivity between notes in the form of bidirectional linking. Today, we're debuting our own take on this popular...

New features: sync tasks with calendar, email

Today, we'll round up a couple of the best features we've launched in the last couple months.

Embedding Amplenote: Wordpress Isn't Destiny

Hopefully at this point it's a non-controversial view that Wordpress = 🔥🗑️. It has served its purpose, but for those of us that want low hassle and high polish, Wordpress ain't the ticket. Maybe Am...

The 5 Best Todo List Apps for Recurring Tasks in 2021

If you need to get things done on a regular basis, chance are you’ve used recurring tasks in todo apps before. These can be useful for simple chores like “Take trash out every Sunday”, or long-term...

Five Amplenote Features New Users Should Try

In case you're new around here, here are the top five Amplenote features that you simply must try. Or else.

Best screenshot and screen recording tools as of 2019

An organized review after sifting through hundreds of screenshot + screen capture tools to pick which ones hit the mark

Getting Things Done with Amplenote

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small, manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.

Exporting Your Notes

Your notes are just that – yours. They represent your invaluable time, effort, creativity, and intellectual property, and we believe you should be able to use them however you like, whenever you like.

Writing in 3d: how the writing method impacts thinking

Conventional wisdom states that the quality with which one writes can only be as good as the quality with which they think. But what if it works the other way too?

2019 Examples to Compare OCR Services: Amazon Textract/Rekognition vs Google Vision vs Microsoft Cognitive Services

We're building a note app that needs to do OCR as well as possible. We hoped there would be a good modern 2019 comparison of the image OCR services, but as of July 2019, there wasn't, so we wrote one.

"Quick Actions" for Less Click Actions

Today brings the launch of a small, simple, and very powerful feature we've been clamoring for since we started making lists.

A to-do list that auto-sorts using the Eisenhower Matrix

The internet is lousy with people making strong arguments about why to use the Eisenhower Matrix. They say that it allows us to work on more of what matters. And that's where the agreement ends.