Installing Amplenote and Storing Data

Installing on an iPad

linkDownloading & Installing Amplenote

While Amplenote on desktop begins life in a web browser, it's easy to promote it to a full-blown app by following the instructions on this page.

linkInstalling on Windows, macOS, or Linux

You can install Amplenote as a native app in Windows, macOS, or Linux by using the install link shown upon logging into Amplenote from the Chrome or Brave web browsers:

Link to install Amplenote. Note that this option becomes available after logging in to the app in Chrome or Brave.

Once you click that link to install the app, you will have the opportunity to install the Amplenote app:

This makes it available via the OS Search Spotlight (macOS shown, should apply to Linux and Windows as well):

It also gets its own icon, which can be pinned to the dock on macOS:

At some point after Amplenote is installed, your browser will ask you whether you'd like to allow Amplenote to store data. You'll want to answer "yes" to this, otherwise the web browser won't allow Amplenote to function properly. More details about this in the "Permitting storage access" section below.

linkInstalling on an iPad

Check out our help page dedicated to this very topic. There are a couple options for installation, we recommend the option that will get you the full set of features from our desktop application.

linkInstalling the iOS App

The power of the Amplenote web app packed into a sleek app designed for iPhone. Easily access notes on-the-go and take notes when you're offline. They'll automatically sync with your other devices when you're back online.

linkInstalling the Android app

Enjoy Amplenote through a smooth interface built specifically for Android. Access and write notes on-the-go. Notes taken offline will automatically sync with your other devices once you're back online. (See next section for download instructions).

linkAmplenote mobile web

Just like the web app, the Amplenote mobile web version has all the functionality of Amplenote. No download required, just log into the site. Great for non-iOS or Android devices!

linkPermitting storage access

For Amplenote to work in web browsers, it must be granted permission to store data to what web browsers refer to as "web storage" or "local storage." Without access to this storage mechanism, Amplenote can generally keep only a few megabytes of data, which equates to less than 100 notes and probably no images. We have done little testing of how Amplenote works when local storage is disabled, so we consider this an unsupported usage mode.

If you declined to give Amplenote access to web storage when you'd first started using the app, you should be able to enable it using the following browser-specific steps:


To enable/disable Web Storage, type chrome://settings/content/cookies in the address bar. On the subsequent screen toggle the "Allow sites to save and read cookie data" setting. Note: This will affect both Web Storage and cookies.


To enable/disable Web Storage in Firefox, type about:config in the address bar to view advanced settings (you may need to click an "I accept the risk!" button in order to view settings). Scroll down to (or search for), right click on the entry where you can toggle its enabled/disabled state.

If you find these steps inadequate to enable Web Storage in your browser, please email so we can work with you to better understand how to enable this for your browser (at which point we will update these docs...the internet is very vague as to the exact steps to ensure Web Storage is enabled on a per-site, per-browser basis).

linkTroubleshooting the Amplenote PWA (Progressive Web App) when it doesn't open in a separate window

If you've succesfully installed Amplenote in Chrome or Brave, but launching the app via the OS icon opens it as a new tab in an existing browser session, you might need to edit the app's configuration.

Follow the steps below to ensure that the Amplenote PWA app is configured to run in a separate window:

In Chrome, navigate to chrome://apps

Right click on the Amplenote icon and choose "Open as window"

Try launching the app again!