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Security is our top priority. All notes are encrypted and you have full control over who can view them.

Shape thoughts into actions

Stop losing work in the shuffle between apps. Amplenote offers four modes that bring your best ideas to life.

The best note-taking app for to-do lists

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Amplenote is the best note-taking app I've found for transforming ideas into actions... No other note-taking app does to-do lists so well.
— Shu Omi, Youtube Productivity Expert with 15,000+ subscribers
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Embed pictures, videos, and notes within your words

Rich Footnotes make your writing pop from the page. Words can be packed with screenshots, Youtube videos, Google Sheets, linked note sections, and more. Being able to convey deeper meaning in fewer words is especially helpful when working in a task list, where space is at a premium.

Rich Footnotes are life-changing. Whoever on the dev team came up with that one, cheers x 10^infinity.
— u/MoomPastroom, via reddit

Repeal the task decision tax

The longer you use a to-do list, the more outdated tasks tend to accumulate. Eventually, one finds themselves spending as much time choosing what to work on as doing the work itself.

Amplenote uses the famous Eisenhower Matrix (sometimes called the "Covey Matrix") to generate a "Task Score" that clarifies which tasks would be best to focus on today.

I have found Amplenote has been most helpful in focusing on key tasks. The task ranking system is amazing!
— Atul Sharma

Publish and collaborate with ease

Deliver your work to audiences small or large. Need to delegate an urgent task with a screenshot to illustrate your point? Rich Footnotes and a list of your everyday collaborators make Amplenote a lightweight Jira replacement.

Want to publish a note to your blog with a custom stylesheet? Piece of cake. Your readers won't even have to refresh their web browser to see an up-to-the-minute version of your note.

I was immediately drawn to Amplenote because of the familiar layout, newer features like bi-lateral linking, and a slick mobile experience. Previously, I tried Roam, Bear, Apple Notes, and Evernote - and I truly believe Amplenote is the perfect mix of all of them.
— Nick Rovisa

Effortless imports from Evernote, Roam and more

Preserve your images, cross-note links, and organizing hierarchy when importing from most providers. Our first-class exporter ensures zero lock-in if you later decide to move on. We also offer an account destruction button from within the app to ensure a zero-hassle canceling experience if you're not completely satisfied.

All of your data is encrypted and secure. Learn more about our security measures or importing from Roam and Evernote.

Why Amplenote?

For Roam Users

Continue building your knowledge graph with many of the features you love, available for install on macOS, Windows, and Linux plus highly-rated native iOS and Android apps. Lightning-fast load times, a richer task implementation, and lower cost make Amplenote a popular home for many past Roam users.

For Evernote Users

Get more done with faster load times, a more robust task implementation, note backlinks, reliable multi-device syncing, and a wealth of productivity-focused features. Our founding team used Evernote for years, so the layout of the Amplenote's "Notes View" mode should feel instantly intuitive to long-time Evernote users.

Amplenote is a relative newcomer to the note space, but I really like what they are doing. The way they are bringing notes, tasks, and ideas together is really unique and really special.
— Scott Friesen of Simpletivity, Youtube Productivity Expert with 200,000+ subscribers
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More of what matters

While Amplenote launched in 2019, its parent company has been building customer-centric products since 2007. By self-funding our company, we don't have investors forcing us to cut corners to grow faster. We listen to our customers and build what they tell us they need.

Keyboard-friendly navigation

Keyboard shortcuts cover all major features & navigation. Productivity maximizers: you inspire us and we want you here.

Security-first design

Available two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption ensure your note content remains private. Vault Notes take security a step further with a password-encrypted token only you can access.

Capture your best ideas (in 5 seconds or less)

Catch a hot new idea with our mobile "Quick Task Bar" feature. Go from a spark of inspiration to "captured idea" in under 5 seconds.

Search everything instantly

Search-indexed PDF content and image OCR makes it a snap to locate past content and return to previous notes.

Capture web content

Capture full page screenshots, partial screenshots, text excerpts, and more using the Amplecap extension for Chrome and Brave.

Pack more meaning into fewer words

Rich Footnotes pop static text off the page with links, images, videos, embedded note sections, and more.

Minimize distractions

Hide navigation to minimize distractions, or swap your appearance to work in dark mode.

Sustainable long-term business

Amplenote's parent company, Alloy.dev has been in business since 2007. We are a long-term-minded company that prioritizes bug fixing over new features.

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A flexible idea funnel built for people who want to get more done in less time
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  • Shopping lists
  • Logbook
  • Brainstorm
  • Research
  • Recipes
  • Study guides
  • Journal
  • Workout tracker
  • Chore list
  • Reminders
Amplenote seems like it's the closest to what I've dreamed of in a note-taking app...better than competitors in many ways.
— Pavel Serebryakov
The Task Score is brilliant. It helps me think about my tasks in a different way.
— Magnus Gustavsson
Just professing my love for @amplenote out loud here. This is an outstanding note-taking platform that works like my brain does.
— Mike Watkins

Capture and create across every platform

Reliable syncing across devices and offline editing keeps your notes at the ready

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Collect and store with Amplecap

Save web content to your notes with our web clipper extension

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