Mission: Expression

Thoughts on productivity, writing, and more.

Writing in 3d: how the writing method impacts thinking

Conventional wisdom states that the quality with which one writes can only be as good as the quality with which they think. But what if it works the other way too?

2019 Examples to Compare OCR Services: Amazon Textract/Rekognition vs Google Vision vs Microsoft Cognitive Services

We're building a note app that needs to do OCR as well as possible. We hoped there would be a good modern 2019 comparison of the image OCR services, but as of July 2019, there wasn't, so we wrote one.

"Quick Actions" for Less Click Actions

Today brings the launch of a small, simple, and very powerful feature we've been clamoring for since we started making lists.

A to-do list that auto-sorts using the Eisenhower Matrix

The internet is lousy with people making strong arguments about why to use the Eisenhower Matrix. They say that it allows us to work on more of what matters. And that's where the agreement ends.

What makes long term personal goals so damn hard?

The pursuit of long-term goals is a defining aspect of the human experience. Its grand promise is to translate our most precious dreams into lived reality. So why are we so dreadful at it?

Repeal the todo list tax

The best managers aren’t successful because they've mastered multitasking. They are successful because they've mastered prioritization. Now let's take a stab at prioritizing Oprah's todo list...

Invitation to Amplenote

Amplenote is now mailing invitations to those who sign up via the home page! If you're an existing note taker or list maker, we've got a lot to offer.

Brush off your barnacles

Barnacles -- our moniker for hard items that get stuck to the bottom of your todo list -- can be an existential threat to list makers. Let's look at how Amplenote can help prevent them.