About Us: Amplenote

Amplenote started life as a quietly launched beta app in 2019, followed by its official launch in 2020. The free, "Personal" version of Amplenote debuted in 2022, and the native desktop version of Amplenote went live in 2023.

Amplenote is built by the team at Alloy.dev, whose other product is GitClear, a leading Developer Anaylytics tool used by thousands of companies that want to understand their dev pipeline so they can launch products faster.

Our core mission is to help our users set and achieve their long-term goals. Our company's long-term goal is to build the best "Idea Execution Funnel" of any app. Here's how we visualize the Idea Execution Funnel:

As we describe in our blog post on this topic, as of 2020, different apps are used to handle each of the different phases. To the extent you can go from "idea" to "scheduled task" in a single app, you're probably using a product like Notion or Coda, which are heavyweight solutions that aren't great for Phase I, or really, mobile in general.

In this blog post, we talk about our "Core Customer Values," which include a commitment toward:

Robust exporting functionality

Easy cancellation

Always listening

linkCore product values

Let's use the rest of this page to talk about our core product values.

🔒 Security. With so many privacy risks from bad actors, governments, and companies themselves, the primacy of security will only grow in the years to come. When it comes to storing your most personal thoughts and ideas, it makes sense to be a little paranoid, which is why we provide a transparent accounting of the technical safeguards Amplenote has put in place to protect your notes.

🧓 Long-term minded. Much like Basecamp, Alloy (our parent company) has successfully bootstrapped profitable businesses since 2008. We defy the usual "VC-funded startup" paradigm by treating customers like we would want to be treated, and being transparent about our motivations and intentions. Since we aren't beholden to venture capitalists looking for an exit in 3-5 years, it gives us the luxury to prioritize "boring" features like security, stability and whatever our customers ask for.

🥨 Simple and highly combinable. We believe it's critical that Amplenote remains simple, by offering features like Jots to afford a clean, open slate upon which to capture today's best ideas. The "combinable" goal is what has driven us to prioritize features like note publishing/embedding. A note app becomes more than the sum of its parts when those parts can be strung together in interesting ways.

👨‍💻 Bug fixes > new features. One look down our feature voting board shows that we've got no shortage of cool and exciting features to incorporate into Amplenote as we gain mainstream adoption. In spite having so many shiny opportunities to jump on, when push comes to shove, we'll always choose a "stable and well-tested" product over a product that leads the field in features, but also in bugs.

📱 Reliable merge. This isn't a very exciting "feature," but it still makes the list as a core value since the essential motivating feature that drove us to create Amplenote was how poorly Evernote's sync worked for us when trying to keep a long note that could be accessed across desktop/mobile.

linkFounding Team

Amplenote is led by Bill and Jordan, you can read more about them over at Alloy.dev.