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Thoughts on productivity, writing, and more.

2024 New Year Release: Note Graph, Native Desktop Apps, Mobile Backburger, and so much more

New Year, new note app: we have released the beta version of our native desktop app for macOS, Windows and Linux 🎉 Also new is the release of our top-voted user feature -- a note graph visualizati...

Getting the best out of Amplenote without paying

The complete guide to helping us help you not give us any money!

How the CEO of Amplenote chooses what to work on every day

Click within to learn more...

Q2 2023: Our biggest quarter of updates ever

We apologize in advance to the completionists. We didn't make this blog post 3,000+ words because it was fun to write. The size of this update reflects the torrent of improvements being made to Amp...

Earn $1,000 + Unlimited Subscription for Authoring a Popular Plugin

Earn $1,000 and a complimentary one-year Unlimited subscription by creating the most popular Amplenote plugin for a month between June and November 2023. This post provides a complete guide to writ...

Your CEO isn't an expert on productivity. So, who is?

How many CEOs, visionaries, and world leaders have you heard touting their favorite productivity app or system? Why don't they?

Q1 2023 Updates: Editor plugins; AI like everyone else; mobile widgets; lots more

In just a few months time, we've somehow gone from "what's an LLM?" to more Youtube "get-rich-with-AI" videos than there are people to watch them. By the end of this post, you'll learn how to tap i...

Sampler #6: Why I use reviews (Part 4: Planning in more depth)

Thanks for sticking around all the way up to the fourth and final part of this mini-series on Reviews. This last bit covers some of the common obstacles when it comes to planning, that is: "What do...

Sampler #5: Why I use reviews (Part 3: Introduction to Planning)

Continuing the exploration of the "minimum viable review" with part 3: Planning.

Sampler #4: Why I use reviews (Part 2: Even better journaling)

Last week we looked into the why behind journaling, now let's look into the how. This edition covers some tips you can use in your own Daily Jots to make Journaling more lucrative.

Sampler #3: Why I use reviews (Part 1: Introduction to Journaling)

In this mini-series on Reviews, we'll cover what a Minimum Viable Review is, how to check in with yourself every week and how that helps you tame your long-term projects and goals. This first part ...

One-time discount opp: 50% off for new Evernote importers

Our team was more than a little surprised to hear that, the original giant of note taking had, in the parlance of aviation, "completed its descent." Here are 5 reasons we believe that Evernote user...

Update roundup: Task search, tables v1, bulk edit notes, embedded code editor, lots more

Development velocity continues at an all-time high, with five more top-voted user requests completed in the past 8 weeks, including: task search, tables, and a fully integrated code editor.

Announcing the Supporter Feature Voting Board

Today we're debuting a new tool to help Amplenote enthusiasts steer our roadmap toward their hopes & dreams.

What's new: Peek Viewer, iOS and Android share extensions, backlink renaming, task completion effects, lots more

Let's cut to the chase: Six of your top-10 most-requested features just went live in the last two months! 🔥 🚒

July 2022 Updates: iPad Drawing, natural text date recognition, lots more

It has been an action-packed couple months since our last blog post, so let's catch up on what's new in the Amplesphere

Community Sampler #2: Taming Projects using Daily Jots and Templates (June 7th, 2022)

Today's issue is packed full of 🖇️ Amplenote Tips on creating and keeping track of Projects and exploiting Daily Jots to their full potential.

Ample Sampler: Pilot Episode (May 31st, 2022)

👋 Lucian speaking. Welcome to the first edition of Ample Sampler! This week, we're looking at how the Amplenote community is using an Inbox, leveraging Task Score, defining "next work" and using...

Q2 2022 roundup: full iPad version, new Amplecap, themes, and 20 more features we launched

Our evolution continues at a torrid pace, with more than 20 user-requested features launched just since the previous blog. This quarter's update will be an especially exciting one for tablet users.

Your top-voted feature Inline Tags (aka note references) now live, permanent free version, and more Q1 2022 updates

As can be seen in the live updating Chart Glimpse illustrating our last three months of development, it has been a supremely productive past quarter for Team Amplenote. So much so that we hadn't ha...

What's new? Tag sharing, and across-the-board improvements to collaborative workflows

Since our last update two months ago, we've released a flurry of updates aimed at making Amplenote better for those who work in groups...

Product updates: inline videos, tag merging/importing/deleting, and more

We come with new gifts to offer, driven in large part by customer requests. To keep our update as short as possible, we'll jump straight into five updates since our last blog: 1. Inline videos a...

Product updates: Mobile calendar, foldable lists, note templates, Firefox Amplecap, and more

I guess this is what happens when we don't publish an update for a couple months... this edition of "Product Update" accumulates a very long list of product improvements live or soon to be live.

Product updates: public calendar, new homepage, multi-screen design, and more

Our headlining project for Q1 was to bring forth the Calendar View mode that we've been promising for the past year. I'm happy to report that as of today, all users of Amplenote have access to the ...

Instructions to create your own custom-styled blog with Amplenote

If you're tired of the janky WYSIWYG editor provided by your blogging platform of choice, you might be curious how to use Amplenote to author blog posts that update in real time...