What makes Amplenote the top Evernote alternative?

In July 2023, Evernote users got another reminder that the Evernote they knew isn't coming back:
Join the thousands of users who have discovered better note-taking and task management with Amplenote. The switch is fast and easy – our importer allows an Evernote vault to be imported in full, including images.
"Innovating faster & faster, Amplenote combines tasks, calendar and notes. This is probably Evernote's biggest worry."
-- KeepProductive, 350k YouTube subscribers
"Evernote is too slow and your task management is far superior."
-- Jim
"Amplenote is what Evernote should have always been. Manage your tasks, take notes to outline and document."
-- Benjamin Metcalfe

Why choose Amplenote?

See how Amplenote compares to Evernote in this video, where a productivity expert with 50,000+ subscribers evaluates the strengths of each:

The best all-in-one productivity app

Move between notes, tasks, and your calendar to capture and follow through on your best ideas.

Task prioritizing

Every plan level includes advanced task management. Task scoring and the Eisenhower Matrix bring your top priorities to the surface.

Increased speed

Lightning-fast performance and syncing across multiple devices means your workflow is never interrupted by sluggish loading, even across thousands of notes.


We listen to our users to optimize their experience and add features that add the most value. Get involved by upvoting features or reach out on Discord.

View a full comparison between Amplenote and Evernote at noteapps.info.

Stay synced for access anywhere

At home or on the go, Amplenote's offline access and mobile apps keep notes and tasks just a tap away.
"@amplenote is way better than you may think, and their support is excellent. There are hundreds of small things built into this project that make it really fun to use."
Alexander Rink, via X

Why do users love Amplenote?

We know, switching note apps is a very big deal. Even with lots of documentation to get you started in a flash, it's still a big investment of time and energy. So, how has it gone for others like you? Here's what they have to say:
Innovating faster and faster, Amplenote combines tasks, calendar, and notes in one hub. This is probably Evernote's biggest worry--as people seeking a balance between Obsidian and Evernote see Amplenote as the perfect placement.
Francesco D'Alessio , Creator of Keep Productive
August 2021, Medium
I'm loving Amplenote so far and surprised it took me this long to find it. I really wonder why you guys don't have more visibility.
February 2023, via email
Amplenote is slowly replacing Evernote, Todoist & Sunsama in my workflow. It has allowed me to unify my working environment without integrations and zaps.
January 2023, comment form
I had been wandering around trying almost every productivity app, it all ended since I started using @amplenote. It's a well-thought-out and elaborated app with just-perfect features.
July 2023, Twitter
Amplenote is a relative newcomer to the note space, but I really like what they are doing. The way they bring notes, tasks and ideas together is really unique and really special
February 2021, Youtube
La mejor herramienta que he conocido para reemplazar Todoist y Evernote.
June 2022, comment form
Try Amplenote. It's really good.
July 2023, Twitter
After spending hours tinkering with Notion and ClickUp, it was a such relief to find Amplenote. The best thing about Amplenote is that I don't have to spend hours tinkering with it because it already works the way I like, as is. It's spoiled me for other apps and systems that require me to think of how I want to organize notes and tasks.
March 2023, Reddit
Amplenote is criminally underexposed. By far the biggest reason why I love this app is that it is all-in-one. I can take notes, manage tasks, and organise my calendar seamlessly better than any other apps I know.
July 2023, Youtube
I love the jots ▶️ notes ▶️ tasks ▶️ calendar. All with backlinking and the rich footnotes are a game changer for me in referencing notes inside of notes.
July 2023, Twitter
After trying Todoist, Obsidian, Evernote, and most recently Notion, I was getting frustrated... Amplenote brings together quick capture, note linking, daily notes, and Google Calendar integration in a mobile-friendly and completely synchronized platform. I'm so glad I found it!
July 2022, comment form
@amplenote's browser extension rocks
July 2023, Twitter

Who uses Amplenote?

The stronger the incentive to make great decisions, the more likely an occupation turns to Amplenote for help1:

How does a small app attract so many thought leaders? Task Score. No other app helps you tame hundreds or thousands of possible tasks, via automated sorting. Users also cite how little configuration is needed to get started.

1 Data source: 2021-2023 Amplenote new user survey results

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