Five Amplenote Features New Users Should Try

We recently had occasion to update our new user welcome email to give an updated glimpse into some of Amplenote's finest features. It was then that it occurred to us how prospective users could benefit from this information at least as much as newly created users. So without further ado, a countdown of Amplenote's top five features as of November 2019...

link5. Quick Bar: Capture your inspiration, the moment it strikes

When inspiration strikes, don’t rely on memory to capture it. Rely on a consistently applied process, like the one described in the best-selling book Get Things Done. This book emphasizes how imperative it is to have a reliable system to capture new ideas the moment they strike. Capture has to be easy, and it has to be lightning fast ⚡. That’s why, whether you’re online or offline, when you open the Amplenote mobile app, there is an input field at the bottom of the screen that's awaiting your latest idea:

link4. Flexible Recurrence: Life hack built for long-term goal setters

Do you set long-term goals? If you do, you’re surely familiar with their quintessential challenge: staying on track with incremental progress over months or years. A calendar is the wrong tool to pursue long-term goals because once you miss a date, the odds are stacked against you to get back on track. Here's how Flexible Recurrence helps you beat the odds stick to your most important goals over the long term. 💪

Is it weird that an Octopus is using Amplenote to remember to call its Grandma?

link3. Vault Notes: Client-side encryption for sensitive note content

Vault Notes are client-side encrypted notes that even someone with full access to our database couldn’t decrypt. Note takers using apps like Evernote and must recognize that, if a malicious entity were to get access to the database, users' note content could be leaked. If you ever create notes or lists containing sensitive content, the peace-of-mind that your personal content can't be disseminated onto the internet is pretty darn nice to have:

link2. Rich Footnotes: a new dimension to express yourself

The power of Rich Footnotes within Amplenote stems from their combinatorial nature. Bundled together, Rich Footnotes and tasks become greater than the sum of their parts. Footnotes in Amplenote can contain a picture, text, link or any combination of the three. And that picture/text/link can be associated with any phrase in a note, blog, or task. Here is one common use case, sharing lodging details for an upcoming trip:

In this case, Rich Footnotes add punch to a note that would otherwise be a boring wall of text 😴. We’ve saved words at the same time we improved clarity. Here is a gallery of more ideas that tap into the expressive power of Rich Footnotes.

link1. Task Context: Omniscient assistant designed to allocate your time like a CEO

Your life literally depends on where you choose to spend your time. Still, most of us don’t have a system we apply consistently to make these life-defining decisions. Amplenote is dedicated to fixing that -- so each of us becomes a master of using time wisely.

Whenever you create a task in Amplenote, you have the opportunity (but not obligation!) to describe how to prioritize the new task using our "Task Context" fields. These describe the task's due date, urgency, and/or duration. From these fields (plus knowing when the task was created), Amplenote calibrates when to percolate each task to the top of your list, using algorithmic list sorting.

If you want to get technical about understanding how we sort your tasks, the "Task Score Accumulated" graph from this blog post plots out our formula mathematically. See also: managing your todo list like Oprah.

linkBut wait there's more !

Other features that didn’t quite make the list are discussed in our cutting room floor note. They include the ability to embed your Amplenote content in a blog post (!), tagged note browsing, omniplatform sync, and offline-first architecture, among others.

linkWe want to hear from you

Have you used Amplenote to make your life more organized and productive? Ideas for where we can improve? We love to hear from our users, drop us a line at or catch us on Twitter at or

Plot twist

Thanks for stopping by the Amplenote blog. Did you know that the content of this "blog post" is just a plain old note, lifted from the author's Amplenote notebook? Rich footnotes, industry-leading to-do lists, and a security-first mindset make us a solid option for modern writers. Try it out yourself.


Saskia Bader said over 1 year ago

Idea for fellow Amplenote users who also currently study (be it a language, a short online course or a full-blown degree): You can use the flexible recurrance with the footnotes as "flashcards". Create a task with the question, create a rich footnote for the question text and hide the answer inside. Then set the task to recurring. When it is due, think about the answer and check it by opening the footnote. Every time you get it right, you edit recurrance settings to lengthen the time between recalls of the task that's now a flashcard (spaced repetition).