"Quick Actions" for Less Click Actions

Today brings the launch of a small, simple, and very powerful feature we've been clamoring for since we started making lists.

As a quick review: Amplenote allows you to insert to-do list tasks into your notes, and it offers a wide variety of options for customizing how those tasks and their associated reminders behave. For instance, you can set up recurring tasks so that they re-appear a certain period of time after the last time you completed them — in the meantime, they'll stay out of the way.

In the spirit of #GetStuffDone, we've made it even easier to change your task details after they've been created. Hovering on a task (desktop) or putting your cursor in the task (mobile) will display options to change the following task attributes:

Hide Until (similar to "Snooze")

Due Date


Now you're a single click away from any of these options, via a set of new buttons we're calling Quick Actions. Check out how simple (even ... fun?) it is to make changes on desktop:

And here is that action on mobile:

As always, you can also click the dropdown arrow in the far right of a task if you'd like even deeper customization options.

linkHow should I use Quick Actions?

When you first create a task, you can add any applicable details, like priority, due date, or duration. Amplenote will use these details, along with the date you created the task, to calculate Task Points. Task Points enable Amplenote to intelligently sort the order you should tackle your tasks. This button below, to be precise:

We're all familiar with the push-and-pull tension a regularly used to-do list brings. There are newly added tasks jockeying for position alongside existing tasks. Sometimes you need to push a task to another day, but don't want to forget about it. Other times, a task stays on your to-do list so long it becomes invisible to your brain. The more you add to a list, or the longer it gets, the more time it will take for you to keep track of the priority of all your to-do items.

That's why we're making it one-click easy to adjust your tasks. Keep the relevant tasks on your list, and hide the rest.

Here's a bit more information about each of the new icons:

linkHide Until

Like hitting "snooze" on your alarm clock, this is useful when you need to push a task back, but don't want to forget about it. The task will be hidden out of the way until the time you specify.

linkDue Date

Not all tasks need due dates, but when they do, it's critically important to be notified about them. Use this when deadlines change or need to be added.


If your task is either Urgent or Important, this is where you can tell Amplenote about it. As mentioned above, setting "Important" or "Urgent" for a task will cause it to accumulate Task Points more quickly. Read more about that here or here.

linkGo forth, seize your goals ⚔️

We hope you enjoy the convenience of this new feature, and that it helps you #GetStuffDone even better than before. With Amplenote as your doting companion, these Quick Actions can be yet another opportunity for you to be a little bit more productive version of yourself.

On a related note, you might want to learn more about reducing time spent on todo lists, or see how Amplenote's flexible recurrence features can help you finally conquer that long-term goal you've been putting off.

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