Are student/academic pricing discounts available?

Students, teachers and researchers are one of the largest groups of Amplenote users. As a result, many Amplenote features have been built with these groups in mind. Between handwriting and drawing, Calendar View, and Double Brackets (not to mention Amplecap), all of the features are here to be a great companion through one's academic years.

That's why we would often give out free Amplenote subscriptions to academics during our early days. But eventually, there were so many people emailing us asking for discounts that it became a strain on our support resources to evaluate each case and hand out discount codes. So, in June 2022, we revised our academic & veteran discount policy as follows:

link📚 Amplenote Personal edition is permanently free for academic use

Instead of giving out individual discounts, we are offering a robust version of Amplenote free of charge. It's called our "Personal" subscription. As of Q4 2022, it has the following features:

You don't have to make any special application to get access to Amplenote Personal. Just click the button to "Sign up for Personal", or choose the "Personal" subscription when prompted after sign up. The Personal edition of Amplenote offers everything you need for a great academic note taking tool:

If you have time, check out this short video from Shu Omi on different ways Amplenote's iPad version can be used for student note taking:

link📯 Another option for a free subscription

If you find that even with the robust Personal version, there are still features that you would like to unlock, consider applying to our Amplenote Booster program. We reserve a handful of free Unlimited subscriptions to those who commit to spend around 15 minutes per month helping to spread the word about Amplenote.