Amplecap: capturing web content with our Chrome extension

Amplecap is a browser extension aimed at making the first phase of the Idea Execution Funnel more convenient by augmenting "Jots" to facilitate easy web capture.

As of the creation of this help page, Amplecap is still in beta. We're aiming to release a fully tested v1 around Q1 2021.

link📦 Where can I get it?

The Chrome extension has been submitted to the Chrome Web Store at this URL. Sometime around January 22-25th we expect that the listing will be changed to "Amplecap Beta," (instead of our legacy "Amplenote Web Clipper" still active as of Jan 22) at which point it's open season on downloading.

We also hope to launch a Firefox version of the extension later in Q1 2021!

link📸 Capture modes

Amplecap Capture modes as listed down the left side: Screenshot selection, Page excerpt, Full page, Quick note, and Url

As of our beta launch, five modes of web capture are supported.

linkScreenshot selection

In this mode, you drag a key portion of the screen that's currently visible in your browser, and it gets captured as a screenshot. For example,

Choosing a screenshot region in Screenshot selection capture mode

Screenshot selection mode allows you to capture any part of the screen into a task, bullet point, or note. Once the screenshot is in Amplenote, you can use our OCR functionality to find it in search, or paste the text into your note body if you want to do something with it.

linkText excerpts

In this mode, you can capture the points that interest you most when you're reading an article.

Selecting interesting quotes in Text excerpts capture mode. Any excerpt can have additional thoughts added to it by clicking the excerpt

If you capture your excerpts into a bullet or task, the excerpts are stored in a Rich Footnote. If you capture them to a note body, then the entire set of excerpts is inserted as a quoted area. In both cases, a link to the excerpted page, and a timestamp, accompany the excerpted content.

linkFull page

In the "Full page" capture mode, a screenshot of the entire URL being visited is saved to a note, task, or bullet point.

linkQuick note

This is mostly for when you want to quickly capture a task on desktop.

Capturing a task in Quick note mode

Since the options on both sides can be switched using hotkeys, this means that you're never more than a couple keystrokes away from capturing a task idea into Amplenote on desktop.

See also: setting up a task open shortcut.


This simply captures the URL that you're currently visiting into a task, bullet, or note. Useful if you want to use Amplenote to catalog your bookmarks, or if you want to remember to explore a site more deeply at some later date.

link🥅 Capture into

Any capture type can be captured into one of three targets:

Note body. The most luxurious landing pad for your newly captured content. When Note body is selected, we'll put your captured content straight into a new note, or appended to the end of an existing note.

To-do item. If you want to remember to follow up on this captured content later, capturing it into a To-do item makes that easy. You can capture any content into your main task list, or into a new note in a tag that has a tag shortcut in Tasks view mode.

Bullet point. Sometimes you want to keep lists of non-actionable items, or you want to keep a list of actionable items that remains in the note after being completed. In these cases, choosing the "Bullet point" option puts your captured content into a Rich Footnote that fits into a bullet that is prepended to the note chosen (or inserted at the beginning of a new note)

link🤓 Amplecap keyboard shortcuts

For macOS, Linux and PC

Ctrl-Alt-Up and Ctrl-Alt-Down moves selection up and down in the list of "Capture Types"

Ctrl-Alt-Left and Ctrl-Alt-Right moves selection left and right in the list of "Capture Into"

On macOS keyboards, the "Alt" key is also labeled "Option."

link🏃 Adding a browser shortcut to open Amplecap

Here are the steps for adding your own personalized shortcuts for Chrome extensions.

Navigate to: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

Click the "Type a shortcut" input for AmpleCap

Enter a shortcut