Free Unlimited Amplenote subscription opportunity

While many people find the Personal version of Amplenote adequate for their needs, others need the full enchilada that our Unlimited subscription provides. Between note publishing, tag sharing, calendar syncing, Vault Notes, and more, there are some very provocative features for those who upgrade from free.

However, sometimes circumstances prevent a user from having the income to pay for an Ultimate subscription outright. Often, our users reside in non-dollar based countries, where the price of Amplenote is not compatible with the average wages for the country.

For these users, there is another option.

In 2023, we launched the Amplenote Boosters program, which allows users to spend 10-20 minutes per month spreading the word about Amplenote, in exchange for a free Unlimited subscription. To learn more about this program, visit the Booster Application page.

linkActive or wait list?

Note that we limit the size of our Booster membership to the low double digits, so at any given time there may be no current slots open to join the club. If this is true when you apply, you will have the option of being added to a wait list. If you have filled out your application, and especially if you have a demonstrative affinity for Amplenote, we will aim to admit you to the Booster program more sooner than later.