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Amplenote plugins allow overachievers to enhance their Amplenote experience. Plugins allow intermediate-to-expert users to add interesting features, especially AI. It's also super easy to modify plugins you like.

Amplenote staff do not have time to evaluate all of these plugins. We hope that upvoting and word-of-mouth on Discord will let users find the best options fast.

Here is the full guide to installing plugins. All you should really need to do is click the "Install" button below if you're logged in.

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28 shared plugins

Create tasks to review a note in a certain number of days
90 installs
1 vote
Published about 2 months ago
Import notes from mem.ai's JSON export format. Imported notes will be tagged with imported/mem, and the DailyMem tag will be changed to daily-jots.
32 installs
0 votes
Published 2 months ago
Easily create links to Github issues
2 installs
0 votes
Published about 2 months ago