Sync to Apple Calendar

Amplenote does not yet offer direct integration with Apple Calendar, however you can still establish a sync between the two using Google Calendar as an intermediary. By connecting a Google Calendar to both Amplenote and Apple calendars, Amplenote calendar entries get pushed to Apple and vice versa. Here's the two part process to set it up:

linkPart 1: Sync Amplenote Calendar with Google Calendar

Connect your Google Calendar to a Task Domain 

Select "Show events only" to import events from your Google Calendar. Or, with a Pro subscription or higher, select "Show events and publish tasks" to enable two-way sync.


linkPart 2: Sync Google Calendar events with Apple Calendar

Google offers step-by-step instructions to sync on computer and iPhone / iPad.

Note: Events created on your Apple Calendar need to be assigned to your connected Google Calendar account, which is typically not the default calendar. You can change the default calendar for events by going to Calendar > Preferences > Default Calendar

Once set up correctly, all applicable tasks/events will appear on Amplenote, Google, and Apple calendars.

Task created on Amplenote (left) and edited on Apple Calendar (right)