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User #25832
11:47pm on September 20, 2023

I am getting this error every time i try to sync all now:
Error: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'split') (line 887)

7:07pm on October 5, 2023

Every time I sync highlights, it removes any other text, including inline tags I have put on the note for all of my books, even if the highlights for that book have not changed since the last update. Is that supposed to happen, or is that a bug? Is there a way that could be prevented? This makes the plugin almost useless to me because I can't progressively summarize and link the ideas in the readwise notes which is 95% of why I want to sync them...

5:03am on December 13, 2023

I sentiment on Derek’s comment. It would be great to allow us to add comments to the synced highlights.

User #45371
10:05pm on January 15, 2024

"Duplicate note" may be a workaround until if/when the plugin is more fully integrated with Amplenote's functionality! (In the note for a particular Readwise book, click the three dot option menu, then "More options", then "Duplicate note.") Any inline tags, text, comments, etc. added to the duplicate note shouldn't go away with a sync.

If you're ready for progressive summarization, then you're probably done making highlights from the original article, so making a copy that no longer updates with syncs *might* be acceptable. It looks like you can even tag those copied notes within the same tag hierarchy the Readwise sync uses if you want. One drawback is the Readwise Library Dashboard note/index doesn't link to the duplicate notes.