Connect Google Calendar or Outlook with two-way sync

Amplenote makes it possible to import Google or Outlook calendar events and, with a Pro subscription or higher, set up two-way sync for your Amplenote tasks. When you update your events, your task will update, and vice versa. It's a great way to make sure that time-sensitive tasks don't slip through the cracks.

And of course, all of this works whether events are setup as fixed recurrence, flexible recurrence, or one-time incidents.

linkConnect a calendar

Amplenote "Task Calendar" Settings, showing the connection to a new calendar

The first step is to log into Amplenote, go to your user settings, and then the "Task Calendar" tab. From there, you can log in to Google or Microsoft with the calendar you'd like to have your Amplenote sent into.

After an account is connected scroll down to the Task Domains to connect specific calendars to each domain. Select "Show events only" to import events from your external calendar or "Show events and publish tasks" to enable two-way sync.

linkDefine a task Start Time (aka "Due date")

Once you've connected your calendar, your tasks are ready to be sent to your calendar. 🎉 Use the "Start At" field to control when the event will show up on your calendar. The "Duration" field controls how long the event is scheduled for.

Creating a task with a Start At time specified

As you choose these fields, Amplenote will propagate the changes to your external calendar

linkUsing two-way sync

Once you've created the task, it will show up in your Google or Outlook calendar. If you update or change the start time or duration of the task, it will change on your external calendar.

If you change the event on your external calendar, that update will be reflected in Amplenote, usually within a couple seconds: