Calculations: dates, time and math

Amplenote offers the ability to calculate relative dates and mathematical formulas by using surrounding your formula in curly braces, for example if you enter {1+1}, we will calculate the result and store the formula in a Rich Footnote like this: 2

Following are the types of calculations Amplenote can make, and how those can be used for more effective backlinking.

linkDate & time calculations

Date calculation is often combined with double-bracket syntax to link to notes named for future days, which will show up in Jots mode when that day arrives. You can see this in action in Shu Omi's video at the 13:15 mark.

Relative date calculation:


Absolute dates:

{The weekend}
{October 31st}
{Oct 31}

Past and future dates:

{Next monday}
{Last week}
{Next year}
{In 14 days}
{A month ago}

Time calculation:

{10 minutes ago}
{In three hours}
{9 pm}

Date and time calculation:

{Today at 8pm}
{Tomorrow at 10:45}
{Tuesday 22:00}
{Mar 12 8am}

linkMath calculations

E.g., 2 314.15 0.66