Mirrored Tasks

Ability to reference an editable copy of a task (without moving it from its source note)

Suggested by Lucian Sep 17, 2022


5:02am on December 23, 2022

This would essentially enable "sub-tasks" too

4:48am on September 21, 2022

I find myself seeking thinking of use cases for this more than any other feature request. It gets all my votes :)

I would just add that it would nice to see referenced/mirrored tasks the same way I see them in task mode - that is with a quick link to the original task the note lives.

2:19pm on September 24, 2022

I agree this would be powerful- it’d be so much more natural for a task to be created in its context of a larger project but once linked via inline tag to automatically appear in the “real” space of the note. Right now we can do this with back links and custom searches but I imagine a meeting note, create a task, add an inline tag with context, then go to the context note and it’s already in the body of the note.
I’m also trying to think of how you could use a note-level tag so all the tasks captured could be automatically associated with the right project without needing to write it as an inline tag every time. But this is less critical then being able to seamlessly add location, people, time, energy, or marking important/urgent

11:15pm on September 26, 2022

From my reading, this sounds more like two features than one: 1) ability to reference a task 2) ability to edit that reference.

It would probably get done sooner if it were only one improvement (i.e., "ability to reference specific tasks"), but I understand why you'd want to shoot for the moon :)

12:34am on November 12, 2022

@Bill You've got it exactly right. In my mind I think the task referencing is 90% of this feature and ability to edit that reference is the cherry on top. It would be lovely if I was able to reference a task, and clicking through it brought me to the original note with the task.

1:32pm on January 10, 2023

I really like the idea of mirrored tasks. I also think it would be interesting to have a bang command to summon tasks. I realize this is a hugely extra feature request (maybe worthy of its own topic) but its a workflow that I believe would be powerful addition to the idea execution funnel.

For example, I would like to capture [[@Journal Prompts]] inside of a task in my daily jot, but when I go to my journal, it would be great if I could use a bang key command to call a command to summon a mirror of one random [[@Journal Prompts]].

I like this workflow because it means there is very little friction in cataloging a "Journal Prompt" or a "Prayer Request" or anything that you might want to do more than once and you can summon it in the context that you would like to use it in.

9:02pm on March 31, 2023

Having the ability to reference the task and mark it complete so it is reflected in the original task as complete would suffice for me. This was one of the killer features in Roam (essentially a block reference of the original todo). I miss block references on Roam for other use cases, but I *really* miss them when it comes to todos.

6:43pm on June 9, 2023

I think my workflow for this feature would be to have all of my project notes (one note per project) with next actions as tasks in those projects. I could then use the Daily Jot (where I plan and track my day) to mirror the specific tasks I want to tackle that day (without losing the context of having the task on the note still). If I edited, deleted, dismissed, or completed the task from the Jot (or from the Note), I'd want that mirrored to the other version, but I'd also like to be able to remove the task from the Daily Jot without removing its mirror from the note. Perhaps a !remove action on the task that would remove it from the current context without doing anything with the mirrors?

As Bill said, sometimes you have to shoot for the moon! :-)

User #52851
7:07pm on August 30, 2023

Scott Kodak’s use case is exactly what I want to do. I like Daily Jots for the list of things to do today - but I also have tasks from other notes that I want to work on today.

6:52pm on September 6, 2023

I just threw two more of my votes into this. I found myself looking for a workflow that would be helped by this and I saw that I even left a comment wanting to make this workflow in January.

I would really like the ability to reference tasks into my daily-jot workflow without affecting the original task while being able to edit the referenced task.

I agree with Bill — shoot for the moon!

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