Robert Piazza
Member since July 2022
About Me

Consultant, husband, future father, and life-long learner - I love Amplenote for the integration of notes and tasks

Productivity Tactics

1. Capture, capture, capture everything - my favorite hack is an Amplenote IFTTT integration with iOS reminders so I can say "Hey Siri, remind me to..." which then automatically ports my voice reminders to my daily-jots
2. Weekly review conducted with my wife, clearing our decks and collaborating on our priorities and obligations for the upcoming week
3. A list for everything

Long Term Goals Completed

1. Get Married
2. Feel financially secure
3. Find peace in how I spend my time

Favorite City

Live in Seattle, but Lucerne, Switzerland is my favorite.

Favorite Quote

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." Pablo Picasso.

How Best To Contact Me

Message me on discord or twitter!

No other tool has integrated note-taking, task management, and calendar organizing as easily and well as Amplenote. It fits my workflow of writing notes, integrating tasks with contexts, and forcing next-action thinking. The Task Score is a great heuristic and innovation!

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