Ryan Beck
Member since February 2021
About Me

User of Amplenote since 2020. This app has changed the way I think and work. I'm hoping to share different ways I've learned to use it at my own website at ryanbeck.co

Desired Collaborations

SaaS Software Implementations
Salesforces and other products on the SF Ecosystem.

Total Notes And Tasks

2039 Notes, 223 Tasks

Productivity Tactics

Using Jots to provide structure to my day.
Using "Hemingway Bridges" to give myself a note on where I left off on a task
Planning my day the night before, and getting important tasks on the calendar right away.

Long Term Goals Completed

Created a website
Increased Adoption of Jira for my Company
Lots of work managed for the Projects I manage as a PM.

Favorite City

Anything along the Appalachian Trail

How Best To Contact Me

I'm active on the Discord Community or on my website at ryanbeck.co

No app has helped to put focus and order into my every day like Amplenote. It has changed the way I think. Any moment of inspiration becomes a note that I can discover later through Amplenote's task-funnel that backs the design of the entire app.

Nothing has helped me get things done better than Amplenote.

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