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1:57pm on July 14, 2023

I'd _love_ to see a simple list and/or other representation of how much time I am spending on a given task each week. I'm using this for my reviews and would love to see an average and how much time I am spending on each one as opposed to just a percentage of time tracked during the day, week, month, etc.

User #56457
4:18pm on July 18, 2023

interesting way to integrate into tasks and daily jots ,

wondering if there's ways to have it automate, to generate the report automatically towards the end of [ working day , 6pm ] ?

whenever there are open tassk/ to do and left opened

For example, as a IT support, if I'm working on something, its usually ,

in ample note, [] task, / sorting it into the priority matrix [ self created box, for easier at a glance , and to move tasks around ] and proceeding to create a sub-page/ note of the user or the event in question ,

which ive already created a [[= template for daily jots where things are listed , with {date{today coding for easier reference/ copying to the []tasks

would be looking forward to what other newer features can be derived,
but for now, seems to be a good rough start to gauge how one is stuck at a task, and review if future similar incidents could be easily cut short on recognition

Day 2, 19 jul of using this plugin,

seems like there can only be 1 running task, which i believe , if theres a leeway of more concurrent tasks for ample time, and show [ Concurrent running Ample Time, do you wish to proceed to start a new process task ? ] ,

apologies, for sounding too demanding, wanting to feedback/ request this, as it might be a good alternative for the wonky calendar reminders or spending too much effort , slowing down the purples of capture and develop in amplenote

overall, it is integrating quite smoothly , by creating the [ task page] first, before starting the [ ample time ], makes it slightly more intuitive to work

10:54pm on October 13, 2023

If anyone wants to hound the Toggl devs to create an official Amplenote integration, link to request is here: https://github.com/toggl/track-extension/issues/2073