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Assistant Principal juggling the hectic day to day with long term personal and professional projects. Also, loving my kiddo, reading fantasy novels, and going to bed way too early.

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While implementing organizational change through a larger lens is a monumental and critical task I am much more interested in working on the ground level and with people as that is where I think things so often fall apart.

How do we talk to the people involved, bring them on board, and make sure we can have tough conversations around these?

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1120 notes hype

Productivity Tactics

Reviews for sure. See the excellent blogposts and community samplers for a primer on these.

Daily tracking of keystone habits also go a long way. Keystone habits are those habits which affect change in other areas and can be different for different people. Once identified, they pay big dividends.

Constant reminders that we will never be able to get everything done and that is actually okay. It is okay to let some things go and, in fact, even more important to turn down some things.

Long Term Goals Completed

created monthly internal staff newsletter, implemented behavioral and academic interventions for struggling students, consolidated tasks into existing student information system

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Favorite Quote of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there.

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twitter and hopefully bluesky soon

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