Using the Keyboard-driven ! Task Commands Menu

Amplenote avails a number of convenient actions when the ! (often referred to as a "bang") key is pressed at the beginning of a line, or mid-line after a space.

There are currently 9 options available in the Task Commands Menu:

When you enter "!" after a space in a task, we open the Task Commands Menu, where you can enter a few more characters, like "mo" and then tab/enter to choose the "move" Task Command

Most all of these actions are also available through the Task Details or the Quick Actions, but those menus are principally mouse-driven, and even then, options like setting a task to be due every so often requires a couple clicks. Task Commands expedite access to these features.

A bit more backstory for the Task Commands that aren't self-explanatory:


The "Due" field accepts all the date labels you know and love from Task Details.

Setting a Due Date / Start Date via Task Command


The "Every" field lets you choose how many days after you complete the task it should be marked as next starting

After choosing "Every," you'll get a choice about how often you want the task to repeat

linkMax Score

The "Max Score" Task Command will set the Task Score of the task equal to the highest value task in the current note.

linkReset Score

The "Reset Score" Task Command takes away all of the Task Score that has been accumulated over the days or weeks that the task has sat dormant in the note. Read more about how Task Score works.


Copy this task from its current note into a new note. Especially useful if you keep a "main" task list along with a daily task list that you define via Jots. In that case, you can copy the task from your main list into your daily list. If you don't get it done that day, no sweat, it will still be on the main list.


Take this task out of the current note and place it at the top of a different note. Once you've chosen the "Move" option you'll get an input box with the note names in your account: