Assigning/delegating tasks to others

It's easy to share tasks with collaborators in Amplenote:

Create a note that will receive tasks from a collaborator, for example "Bill's tasks from Liam"

Share your newly created note with one or more collaborators

After following this two-step convention, collaborators can send you tasks that won't show up in the collaborators own Task Domains or Tasks View Mode, unless the collaborators want to see the tasks they've assigned you.

linkSeeing tasks assigned to others in Tasks View mode

Click the triple dot and choose the toggle "Show tasks from notes created by others"

By default, Task View mode won't show tasks that reside in notes that were shared with you, but you can change that

linkSeeing events assigned to others in Calendar View mode

As with Tasks View mode, by default we will not show you tasks that exist within notes created by collaborators. If you would like to see all such tasks, you can click on the sync indicator in Calendar View mode to change this:

About to turn on visibility into the tasks that exist within notes owned by collaborators