Calendar Task Domains

Task Domains on the Amplenote calendar are a feature that lets you control how your external calendars and your Amplenote tasks get synced back-and-forth.

linkFinding Task Domains

Task Domains can be found in your Account Settings, under "Task Calendar."

Navigating to Task Calendar under Amplenote account settings

linkConfiguring Task Domains

As of 2021, Amplenote allows you to configure up to three separate Task Domains:

Each of the colored boxes represents one Task Domain you can configure. Typical choices are one for work, one for personal, and one for family/community/hobbies, but you can rename these Task Domains however you like

Within each Task Domain, you'll find sections for Notes, Tags, and Calendars, which allows you to control how tasks flow from your notebook into your calendar(s).

When you add a note to a Task Domain, Amplenote will analyze all tasks contained in that note, and those with a Start Time set will be synced to all the calendars specified in the "Calendar Sync" area of the Task Domain.

When you add a tag to a Task Domain, Amplenote will scan all of the notes contained in that tag for tasks -- if any of the tasks have a Start Time set, they will be synced to all of the calendars specified in the "Calendar Sync" area.

There are also a few "Advanced settings" available for each Task Domain:

Advanced settings available for each Task Domain

Hopefully these are pretty self-explanatory? If not, you can hover over their tooltips for more specific details. 😉

linkCalendar task visibility

By default, all tasks exported to calendars are exported as "private" events, meaning that the event title will show as "Busy" to third-parties, unless you have granted them advanced access to your calendar.

When you view the calendar logged into your own account, you will see the full task details as specified on Amplenote

linkHow to utilize about Task Domains

When the Amplenote calendar is released in Q1 of 2021, Task Domains will be the mechanism that controls the list of tasks that are available to drag on to your calendar. So when you're configuring your Task Domain, include tags and notes that contain tasks that you want to get scheduled.

Usually the stuff that people want to schedule pertains mostly to their job. If that's the case for you, you can rename your default Task Domain to be "Work" or "Client Project A." Basically, however many calendars you keep, you probably want to set up one Task Domain for each calendar. If you manage your life from a single calendar, but you perform tasks outside work, you can setup multiple Task Domains all connected to the same calendar.

If you keep multiple calendars for multiple projects that you work on, you could consider renaming your Task Domains after each project.

We will write more on the topic of utilizing Task Domains upon release of the Amplenote calendar, when they become more potent.