Tag moving, renaming, deleting and merging

As years pass, it's inevitable that your ideal organizing system system will change. While you can use our Five recommendations for choosing hierarchy/nested tag names to reduce the extent to which tag names change, it is "by design" that tag hierarchies will occasionally need to a refresh.

This page covers how to keep your tags well-curated with Amplenote.

linkMoving a tag hierarchy

It's possible to relocate a tag hierarchy through drag-and-drop:

When you drag a tag to a new location, all of the notes that had that tag assigned will have their tag updated. See also Merging a tag, below.

linkRenaming a tag

To rename a tag, hover over the tag and choose "Tag Settings", then change the name of the tag in the ensuing dialog.

Choose "Edit tag settings" and then enter a new name to rename the tag

When you rename a tag, all notes that have received that tag will be updated with its new name.

💡 Consider: if you change a tag with sub-tags, the path of all descendant tags will be updated along with the tag you actually renamed. Example.

linkDeleting a tag

After you hover on the triple dot next to a tag and choose "Tag Settings," you can delete a tag using the button:

Choosing "Delete Tag" from Tag Settings popup

Deleting a tag will not impact underlying notes. It will just remove the tag from being applied to notes.

linkMerging a tag

Merging two tags together is one of Amplenote's most differentiating features, and an essential aspect of keeping your tag hierarchy tidy as years pass.

You can see the count of notes in the base help tag jump by 4 when we merge in amplenote/help

💡 Consider: if you merge a tag that has descendant tags, the path of those tags will be merged alongside with the tag you chose. Example