What does archiving a note do?

There are two types of "note archiving" that happen on Amplenote. This page will describe the impact of each type of archiving, plus how to unarchive.

linkEffect of note being archived

Any archived note will:

Not have its content automatically downloaded and cached

Not show up as an "Active notes" as described in the Visual Quick Guide to Amplenote Calendar

Explicitly archived notes will additionally:

Not show up in notes list

Not show up in the Quick Open menu

Not show up in the note linking menu

linkFirst type of archive: Auto-archived

When a note hasn't been opened in 30 days, it has the auto-archived tag applied to it.

Opening an auto-archived note will automatically remove the auto-archived tag.

linkPreventing individual notes from being auto-archived

Using the More options menu at the top right of the note, you can choose to add the current note to a list of notes excepted from the auto-archiving rules:

linkSecond type of archive: "Archive" option chosen

Under the "Note options" -> "More options" you can find an explicit link to archive a note:

linkTo un-archive an explicitly archived note

View this link, or enter group:archived into your search box to see a list of all archived notes.

Open the archived note, and within the "Note options" -> "More options" menu, select "Unarchive note"