Amplenote Help: Plans & Prices

linkWhat plans are available?

Amplenote offers 3 subscription levels: Basic, Pro and Founder.

linkBasic plan details

The Basic plan is ideal for

Those looking for a fresh start with a simple note-taking app

Those who already use note-taking and todo list apps

Those looking to improve their organization and productivity

linkPro plan details

The Pro plan is ideal for:

Those looking to expand on their current note-taking solution

Folks with a penchant for taking detailed notes

Those who value non-biased metrics for improvement



The Founder plan is ideal for:

Self-described organization enthusiasts

Folks who take productivity and self-improvement seriously

Those who want to have a say in the products they pay for


linkDoes Amplenote offer a free plan?

We care about your experiences and want you to count on Amplenote for years to come. That's why we don't offer a freemium plan. Amplenote is self-funded, so supporting free users would be beyond our capabilities. We believe you deserve premium service and our prices allow us to provide it.

Yes it does 🎉! Check out our latest (February 2022) blog post.

linkHow do I sign up for a plan?

Upon creating an Amplenote account, you automatically get a 14-day free trial. The features included in the Trial period are the same as those from the Basic plan.

When you're ready to commit to a subscription plan, just visit the Amplenote Plans & Pricing page. Note that upgrading to a plan will instantly enable all of the features from that plan, but the subscription's period will only start after your trial expires. This is pretty cool..

On the checkout page, enter your credit or debit card information and choose from the annual or monthly billing options. Based on your selection, we'll display the total amount due today and you'll be charged the amount on the screen when you hit the blue "Pay Now" button.

linkHow will I be billed for my plan?

Depending on the billing plan selected at sign-up, you'll be billed once a month or once a year to the card on file. At this time, Amplenote only accepts payments via debit or credit card. You can change your card on file at any time in your Plan & Payment settings. In the event your payment fails or your card expires, you will retain access to your account settings and can view or export existing notes, however you will not be able to create new notes or access other features.

linkHow do I change my plan?

If you have already made a payment and would like to upgrade or downgrade, the process varies based upon how you signed up.

linkIf you signed up via web and want to change your subscriber level or annual/monthly payment

This is possible by visiting Account Settings -> Subscription -> "Update subscription" as shown here. This will generally allow you to upgrade or downgrade between levels by choosing the new level you want:

After clicking "Update subscription" you have the opportunity to upgrade (in the case of this screenshot, user is already upgraded to highest level) or downgrade

The account subscription update system has a lot of complexity in all of the translations that users request. If you find yourself unable to change your subscription to your satisfaction via the "Update subscription" flow, feel free to reach out to us at

linkIf you signed up via Google Play Store or Apple App Store and want to change your subscriber level or annual/monthly payment

If you signed up via the app stores, Apple and Google require us to have you use their payment system. The upside of this is that their first-party tools make it very simple to initially set up your account or cancel it, without even needing to enter the Amplenote app. The downside is that it's not easy for us to keep track of what options Google and Apple permit for the changing of app subscriptions.

Check out the following section for "How do I cancel my plan?" to see detailed screenshots of where you can manage your app store subscription through either provider. If the account update option that you're after isn't available to you, you can consider canceling your mobile subscription and logging in via the main website in order to enter your payment card details directly through Amplenote.

We will endeavor to improve the quality of the mobile upgrade process, as well as these instructions, as customers report to us ( their experience attempting to update their Amplenote account that was initiated through an app store.

linkHow do I cancel my plan?

You are welcome to cancel your Amplenote subscription at any time for any reason. Allowing easy export of data is one of Amplenote's Core Customer Values, so we try to make the process of leaving Amplenote as easy as possible.

linkIf you signed up via web

Canceling an Amplenote account after having signed up via Amplenote website

The easiest path to cancel is for those who didn't sign up via the App Stores. The screenshot above shows where you can stop your Amplenote subscription if you signed up via web. If you want to cancel your subscription and delete your account, that option is available under "Account & Password" -> "Delete My Account."

linkIf you signed up via iOS

If you signed up via iOS (Apple App Store), then Apple controls whether your Amplenote subscription is active.

Canceling subscription via App Store

The screenshots above show the process of canceling an app subscription through the app store.

Visit App Store

Tap "Account" icon in upper right ("account icon" will show your Apple avatar)

Tap "Subscriptions"

Tap "Amplenote"

Choose "Cancel free trial" or "Cancel subscription"

linkIf you signed up via Android Play Store

If you signed up via Android, then Google controls whether your Amplenote subscription is active.

Canceling an Amplenote subscription on Android

The instructions provided by Google Support:

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store .

Check if you're signed in to the correct Google Account.

Tap Menu. Subscriptions.

Select the subscription you want to cancel.

Tap Cancel subscription.

linkPost-cancel functionality

Cancelled accounts can still view and export notes, but don't have access to any other features and cannot create new notes or to-dos.

linkWill I be refunded if I cancel my subscription?

When you cancel your Amplenote subscription, your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle. You will not be billed again after that. Annual subscribers who cancel with more than 6 months left in their billing cycle can request a refund by contacting