How do I use Quick Open navigation?

The fastest way to open a note is usually Quick Open (sometimes alternately referred to as Quick Nav).

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You can open the Quick Open on desktop with the following keyboard shortcuts:

Mac: Cmd-O

Linux, Windows: Ctrl- O

When the window opens, you will see a list of notes whose title or tag match your input query.

If you have not entered in an input query, notes are shown by how recently they were opened.

Aside from using the keyboard shortcuts for navigation (Ctrl-Shift-, on Windows and Cmd-Shift-, on Mac jumps you back to the previously open note), the Quick Open without any input is the fastest way to get back to recently edited notes.

linkJump to a note by title

Type in a phrase that matches the title of a note to populate results

linkFilter or exclude notes by their tag

You can see all notes with a tag by typing in the tag name:

Make sure to read Using complex search queries for more ways to filter your notes using Quick-open.

Or you can click the filter button and choose a tag:

Filtering on the shared "Help" tag

This will narrow down the notes shown to only include those matching (or excluding) the selected tag.

linkJump to a Daily Jot using date expansion

Using curly-bracket date expansion, you can quickly jump to a Daily Jot with that name. Read more at: Keyboard Shortcuts & Markdown Syntax Examples#Date and time calculation Under-documented.

linkSwitch between modes

Quick Open also accepts any of the Mode Names (jots, notes, tasks, calendar) as input to quickly navigate to the respective view without using the mouse:

linkNote filtering options

There are an ever-growing number of ways to filter specific notes via Quick Open.

linkFilter for shared, archived, task-filled, or public notes

You can quickly filter the notes that are displayed in the Quick-open menu by clicking on the Filter button and selecting one of the following options:

Only display notes created by others and shared with you

Only display notes created by you and shared with other people

Display only archived notes

The filter menu, showing additional filtering options.

linkAdvanced search queries

When selecting options to Filter for shared or archived notes, you might have noticed a list of keywords popping up in the search bar:

☝️ These are group: queries that Amplenote uses to narrow down the list of notes based on various properties, such as whether a note is archived, untagged, contains tasks, is shared with you, and so on.

You can use both group: queries, as can be seen above, and in: queries (to filter by tags), and you can even combine them!

Using Quick-open, you can specify both tag filters (using the in: keyword) and group: queries. In this example, we're looking at all notes that are tagged with gtd/projects and also have to-dos inside them.
Read more about advanced search queries at Search queries: tag, filter, and other queries.

linkOffline access

Because Amplenote was built as with an offline-first mindset, Quick Open will work equally well whether you are online or offline. ✨