How do I use Quick Open navigation?

The fastest way to open a note is usually Quick Open (sometimes alternately referred to as Quick Nav)

You can open the Quick Open on desktop with keyboard shortcuts

Mac: Command-O

Linux, Windows: Control- O

When the window opens, you will see a list of notes whose title or tag match your input query. If you have not entered in an input query, notes are shown by how recently they were opened:

Aside from using the Mod-< keyboard shortcut to jump to the previously opened note, the Quick Open without any input is the fastest way to get back to recently edited notes.

Type in a phrase that matches the note title or tag to populate results:

You can also type in a tag name to see the list of notes with that tag:

linkOffline access

Because Amplenote was built as with an offline-first mindset, Quick Open will work equally well whether you are online or offline. ✨