Leave comment feedback on work and conduct follow up discussions

One of the most common needs among those who work with collaborators is to provide detailed feedback on a piece of work that is submitted. The work that will be reviewed might be an anote, a Jira ticket, a web page, a video, or any other web content.

In the first section of this help page, we'll first describe how best to create a note with feedback for a collaborator. In the second section, we'll switch to the role of task receiver, and show how to start a conversation with the creator of the tasks you received.

link📣 Steps to leave feedback for a collaborator

If you are looking to submit a review of a collaborator's work, we recommend the following steps.

linkStep zero: Download Amplecap

If you haven't already downloaded Amplecap, we recommend that you grab it here for Chrome-based browsers, or here for Firefox.

Technically, the commenting method proposed does not require Amplecap, but creating Rich Footnotes from web content requires some extra steps without it.

linkStep one: Create a note for the feedback to be left

For example, if submitting feedback on a design ticket, the note might be called "{today} feedback on AMPLENOTE-123".

This note will be shared with the feedback recipient after you've finished reviewing the work. If you want to follow the progress on tasks within the note, consider tagging it such that it will show up in your desired Task Domain.

linkStep two: Assemble your feedback as tasks in the note, using Amplecap to provide visual context

The following 30 second video shows the full process of capturing a specific area to comment on:

As seen in this demo video, it should take less than 10 seconds to snap a region that gets tucked inside a Rich Footnote, allowing you to comment on anything that can be shown in a web browser. The entire process of selecting a screen region to respond to, and pasting that link+image into a task should take less than 10 seconds. ⏩

💡 Power user tip: When you take a screenshot selection capture in Amplecap, the instant that you hit Cmd-Enter (macOS) or Ctrl-Enter (PC) to lock in your selected area, you can switch back to Amplenote and paste the content you just captured. Even if your selected image hasn't finished uploading yet, the note will show the screenshot as soon as it finishes uploading.

Next to the Rich Footnote showing what you are responding to will be your response or suggestion itself. The list you create might end up looking something like this:

A collaborator feedback list including Rich Footnotes that establish what is being responded to

linkStep three: share with your collaborator

If your collaborator has created a free Amplenote account, you can create a shared tag, add this note to your shared tag, at which point the collaborator will be able to see your feedback.

You can also share the note with the collaborator directly, i.e., not in a shared tag, if you don't expect to regularly trade notes with the collaborator. One nice perk of sharing the note directly with the collaborator (instead of using a shared tag) is that you can include a message in your share, and ensure that the collaborator will see your review feedback in their email inbox.

If the collaborator doesn't want an Amplenote account, you can just publish the note and send them a link.

link👂 Receiving and responding to feedback from a collaborator

The following video shows one can process incoming tasks from a collaborator. In particular, around the midway point of the video, it shows the tactic that we recommend using to respond to the task originator:

To start a discussion with the task creator, we recommend inserting a "hard break" character, then entering your name and comment. If you have a lot to respond with, it's usually best to do so in a Rich Footnote so that the task list doesn't become sprawling.