Getting started with Amplecap

link🤓 Amplecap keyboard shortcuts

linkHow do I bring up Amplecap?

To invoke the Amplecap extension: Ctrl-Shift-A
☝️ See how to 🔧 Customize default Amplecap shortcuts

For starting a Quick Capture from anywhere: Ctrl-Shift-6
☝️ See how to 🔧 Customize default Amplecap shortcuts

linkHow do I switch between capture options?

Read more about Amplecap Capture Modes here: Amplecap: capturing web content with our Chrome/Firefox extension.

Once you invoke Amplecap, use the shortcuts below to quickly switch between capture modes:

To toggle between capture modes: Up and Down arrows;

To toggle between formatting: Left and Right arrows.

linkOther useful keyboard shortcuts

Use Ctrl-Enter to advance to the next screen or finish your capture;

Use Esc to go back to the previous screen.

link🔧 Customize default Amplecap shortcuts

Click on your profile picture on the top right corner to pick which hotkey you want to launch Amplecap:

Activate the extension - the hotkey that opens up Amplenote when visiting a web page in your browser; we recommend Ctrl-Shift-A.

Create Amplecap Omnicapture - the hotkey that brings up Omnicapture: Amplecap: capturing web content with our Chrome/Firefox extension#Omnicapture; we recommend Ctrl-Shift-2.

For this hotkey, make sure to enable it globally using the Chrome settings page:

link📯 Leave a review?

If you're enjoying Amplecap, would you consider leaving a review in the Chrome store so other users can discover this extension? If you have any issues with the extension, please email and we'll respond within a business day.

link⏩ Product Updates

We recommend checking the Chrome Extension store for updates often. We are aiming to update this extension at least every week or two.

link📚 Further reading

Check out our blog on Cool Amplecap use cases!