Profile badges available to earn

Earn badges by participating in Amplenote promotions or by using different features.


Testified: Left a testimonial describing favorite Amplenote benefits

linkProduct Reviewer

Product Reviewer: Left a review of Amplenote on a publicly visible platform

linkProlific Penguin

Prolific Penguin: Has created more than 1,000 notes

linkNote Publisher

Note Publisher: Successfully published notes for public consumption

linkInvitation Accepted

Invitation Accepted: Invited one or more users to Amplenote who subsequently joined

linkFounding Subscriber

Founding Subscriber: Supporting Amplenote development with a Founder subscription

linkEarly Adopter

Early Adopter: Subscribed to Amplenote before it became widely known

linkBooster 2022

Booster 2022: Made an effort to help spread the word about Amplenote in 2022 (Sign up)

linkAmplecap Collector

Amplecap Collector: Collects web clippings via Amplecap web extension

linkAmplenote Scholar

Amplenote Scholar: Created and shared an educational article/video about using Amplenote for productivity