Max Erofeev
Member since August 2021
About Me

doing Sales and BD for Saas
tracking startups
playing Chess, Guitar, Billiards, Bioshock2, Divinity Sin2, Dark Souls 2 ( if you know something good to play 2 - let me know asap please)
reading Psychology, Non-fiction
two kids, no pets

Desired Collaborations

quite happy to learn something new

Total Notes And Tasks

1000 and pretty curious how many tasks done

Productivity Tactics

ask my self everyday about what i have to do next and why

Long Term Goals Completed

1. Family
2. House
3. I can't say it here

World Class

One day I should write a nice book

Favorite City

Any with sea or ocean

Favorite Quote

Everyone knows everything, nobody does anything

How Best To Contact Me

by mail

Challenges me to stop and looking(thinking) around, where am I and why, what I want to change.

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