Anupam Arohi
Member since September 2022
About Me

As a person, I am organized, friendly and totally into collaboration. Due to my Indian heritage, I am good in making friends. Hence am quite easy to work with and share feedback. I also love spending time in nature (I can whisper swans, birds and squirrels in the wild). I enjoy badminton, volleyball, flying fighter kites, board games and trying out new things like throwing axes. I am an avid aurora hunter since 2013.

My career in software started when I sold a video library software to a shop at 14 years of age. I saw how it'll help the shopkeeper and make his life easy. I like to understand what are we trying to solve and why. If I could explain it to a teenager that they'd get it, I feel successful. My early teaching jobs shaped my mind so that I care about others and try to step in their shoes, giving me an edge to understand and articulate.

From last few years, I have been extensively involved in product development. I enjoy talking to people in sales, customer service, executives, customers and like. Understand their story, what are they going through and what would make them happy. Then I do the reality check with experts and set expectations.

Seeing the products develop from ideas to production ready software has been quite rewarding experience for me. I'd like to continue developing more products and myself in this area.