Houston Itzen
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I like to think of the productivity genre and gauge solutions as to how they meet my need. In the past, I've leaned toward Best of Breed and never understand why one could meet my use case which consists of the to basic pieces: Simple collection of anything I need to be collected, scheduling (2-way), task management and focused notes related to day planning as well tied to loosely-defined projects.

It's even better when I can throw all my notes in the mix (a big mix).

was productively-unproductive over the last year as I was trying to simplify the time i spent. To do that, I tried at least 25 different systems ranging from Evernote to Obsidian and all points in between.

And then I found Amplenote. One app that had all I was looking for. Even better, they share the roadmap. If there is something you'd like, they listen. I've done a paid subscription and will upgrade if passes the 3 month test. I've already talked my daughter into trying it as well.

Amplenote team: Just keep doing everything you're doing. You're building something special here.

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