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Mike Korner
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About Me

I'm in the process of exiting Evernote after 14 years. Sad to leave because I've invested so much time and because there was so much potential. But I'm thrilled to be here and I'm eager to help Amplenote be the best in all the land.

I have extensive software development experience so I can empathize with the thrills and challenges in most roles on the team, including:
* on-boarding
* product management
* product marketing
* sales support
* project management
* testing and quality assurance
* coding
* user documentation
* help desk, and
* operations

I like software that works well (quality and performance), saves me time, and helps me be efficient and effective. You can expect every bug report I make, and every enhancement idea I share, will focus on helping us quickly enter (or import) notes, tag them, and find them later.

I like companies that are fast and focused. I want the company to seriously consider every suggestion while never adding features just because someone asks or because other companies have it. One of thing that killed Evernote is adding bloat while ignoring the basics. For example: they added tasks and collaboration and a bunch of other crap, but the basic text editing still doesn't work after all these years. And remove formatting still doesn't work, and they still don't know what to do with markdown. And as I type, search isn't working well again. Sad.

But their web clipper is by far the best in all the land. I'm still not sure how I will work without it. Nevertheless, I'm moving from Evernote as fast as it lets me export -- what an excruciating process.

But enough about me :)

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Desired Collaborations

1) I'm interested in anything helping us to efficiently enter (or import) notes, tag them, and find them later.
2) I'm super focused on documentation that is clear, complete, and concise.
3) General usability

Total Notes And Tasks

20,000+ notes. No tasks.

Productivity Tactics

1) Weekly plan by role and project
2) Daily plan using Drafts currently
3) Continual process improvement

Long Term Goals Completed


World Class


Favorite City

Home is Iowa, USA

Favorite Quote

"If you really want to be happy, no one can stop you" -Sister Mary Tricky-

How Best To Contact Me

mikekorner @

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