Dr John Kenworthy
Member since August 2023
About Me

I’m an neurospsychologist and leadership coach and create a fair amount of content as podcasts, videos and tutorials. With a couple of books in progress.
Amplenote combines note taking and tasks for me to easily publish and update whilst keeping track of all of my tasks. It is steadily becoming my second brain only, a little more organised that the first one.
Amplenote has already replaced TickTick for tasks, and my journaling and note creation has shifted from Craft (still publishing my website on Craft though for now), gotten rid of all sorts of paper notes and postits and is my new home for ny second brain.

Desired Collaborations

I’d like to connect and learn from authors and content creators.

Total Notes And Tasks

1000 notes across platforms, 50-60 live tasks on a rolling basis.

Productivity Tactics

journaling every day
Quiet Bible Study time every day
Review tasks and progress weekly

Long Term Goals Completed

Finished doctorate
Visited the Canadian Rockies
Written and published two books.

World Class

Fiction author (Young adult science fiction) and
Non-fiction NeuroLeadership Author

Favorite City

Live in Singapore and hike in the mountains (New Zealand south island next)

Favorite Quote

Leadership starts with you but it isn’t about you.

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