Kevin Mickle
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About Me

I'm Kevin Mickle, a freelance consultant and co-founder of Wonderful Day Business Solutions, LLC. With hands-on experience in SaaS integrations and implementations, I enjoy helping businesses find practical and efficient solutions.

Outside of work, I'm an avid fan of the outdoors, motorcycles, and board games. My wife and our family of three dogs and three cats keep me busy and entertained. Whether it's a trivia challenge or a thrilling novel, I'm always up for intellectual stimulation.

My approach to work and life is simple and down-to-earth. I value collaboration, continuous learning, and humble leadership. If you'd like to connect or just share some thoughts, feel free to reach out!

Desired Collaborations

I'm eager to collaborate on projects that intersect technology and business efficiency. Whether it's designing new SaaS integrations, crafting tailored solutions for small businesses, or exploring innovative ways to implement existing tools like Smartsheet and ClickUp, I'm all in.

Additionally, I have a soft spot for combining tech with the small business and non-profit sectors. Collaborations that involve helping members of these communities find success in ways they never knew were possible are exciting prospects for me.

If these areas resonate with you or if you have a unique idea that aligns with my interests, I'd love to explore collaboration opportunities!

Productivity Tactics

Prior to my ADHD diagnosis—at the ripe old age of 45, mind you—organization and productivity was a real struggle for me. I've tried GSD, Bullet Journaling, Evernote, and Post-Its, among numerous others. None worked long-term (though I've stuck with Evernote the longest).

Nowadays, my quest for a habit-tracking/productivity/organization process that I can adhere to, has led me to several great applications; ClickUp, TickTick, and now Amplenote. I'm still looking for the best "one size fits all" tool that makes it easy for me to know what I have to do next.

Long Term Goals Completed

[1] Successfully co-founded and developed a business focused on helping other small businesses and nonprofits find success. Our unique approach and dedication to efficient solutions have led to a growing clientele and a strong reputation in our particular niche.

[2] As an outdoor enthusiast, gamer, and family man, I've managed to create a work-life balance that allows me to pursue my passions outside of work. Whether it's motorcycle rides, board games, or spending quality time with my loved ones, I've found a rhythm that enriches both my professional and personal life.

[3] (This one is still in progress, but is my next big target) Gaining permanent habits of productivity and organization.

Favorite City

Florence, Italy

How Best To Contact Me

Email is your best bet; kevin (at) wonderful (dot) day

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