Ability to track time worked on task

It would be nice to see progress made on a task. Especially tasks that will take more than 1 working session. A button that could be manually clicked to start/stop a task would be fine.

Having this visualized on the calendar seems like a natural extension to this enhancement. Currently a task is either "not started" "scheduled" or "done" according to how it is logged and visualized on the calendar.

Suggested by Ryan Beck Sep 24, 2022

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6:41am on September 25, 2022

TL;DR: I feel like this kind of feature should be low priority atm b/c a pretty solid workaround w/potentially more utility already exists

I personally have a lot of experience with this. For the past 6 months I've been using a custom Toggl chrome extension for this that I wrote that adds an inline button. I prefer that since I can reactivate it on mobile, as well as auto-sync the results to rescuetime via integromat/make, and then have Exist.io automatically pull them in, etc.

For an amplenote version of this to be worth it imo, Amplenote would have to 1) make this data syncable, which kind of requires triggers from amplenote first, and 2) add such a button on mobile as well. Although I can stop and restart things, and start things I've done in the past (eg regular tasks, whether recurring or not), I can't easily start things for the very first time from mobile atm. So that would be welcome. Though on amplenote's end, honestly mobile imo just needs better support period, like for compact viewing and drag and drop of tasks and blocks, among other things related to quickly adding things, so idk if I'd expect good mobile support to come at the same time as an initial version of this...so I feel like a new button for this on desktop would just be getting in the way of my toggl extension rn lol, clogging up my inline task view

Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with using Toggl for this, since I can sync it to all my other stuff, and toggl already has a ton of infrastructure for visualizing how you use your time. When I get a chance I'll post my extension to discord

In the meantime, if you want a legit Toggl extension for AN, you can comment here to harass the Toggl Track team https://github.com/toggl/track-extension/issues/2073

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