Amplecap should be able to capture (parts of) a webpage as Markdown text

There is simply no way to store a webpage. No, Fullpage in Amplecap doesn't do anything remotely useful, since we're no longer storing huge JPG files for a webpage. And why should we if you observe how crappy that pans out.

Since pasting into AN is a big issue on its own (ticket is open as of posting this), it's more than time to address this once and for all, I would argue.

I strongly suggest, you incorporate what the Extension “Copy Markup Markdown” does, and then we all can feast on
nice Markdown text.

Only then we can work on, analyze and use web content like it's supposed to be.

Please refer to my screens for illustration.

Thank you for an outstanding app and in advance for a timely reply.
One of your biggest fans and founding member, Jochen.

Suggested by Jochen Burkhard Sep 17, 2022


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