Jochen Burkhard
Member since June 2022
About Me

As a veteran to so many different Notetaking and Projectmanagement tools I stopped counting, I now feel at home with Amplenote.
A DevOps Engineer at Switzerlands Railway (Schweizer Bundes Bahn) and I'm a photography buff and dedicated notetaker.

Desired Collaborations

Efficient task-management and notetaking

Total Notes And Tasks

300 notes and around 50 tasks

Productivity Tactics

Using the footer functionality, sub-tags and backlinking to the max.

Long Term Goals Completed

Become a full time employee with my favorite company
Created me a name for helpful communication skills and hosting trainigs my customers enjoy
At least perceive me as a helpful and liked member of my community

World Class

I'm stiving to be as helpful I can get for my peers and stakeholders

Favorite City

I live in Switzerland near Zurich

Favorite Quote

"I don't have anything to hide, there is just nothing I want to show you." (Anon)

How Best To Contact Me

Write me via discord is a good start.

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