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3:39pm on September 17, 2023

I'm getting an error plugin failed to load after updating the app. I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Still getting the error.

2:10am on September 18, 2023

Hey there, Anna! I pushed a fix to this error now, it might take until tomorrow to post, but try updating the plugin if you find the option to in Settings > Plugins

User #101278
10:02am on October 29, 2023


User #101791
6:28pm on November 6, 2023

Hey Felipe, would it be possible to add an option to add a list of all scheduled meetings from my connected calendar into the "jot"?

5:10am on February 3, 2024

It would be great to use this plugin only with a keyboard (no mouse). I can press the tab key to move from "Text to add" to "Format as," but I still need my mouse to choose an option (either plain, bullet, or task).

11:26am on February 3, 2024

Hello, Toni! Unfortunately the issue you mentioned is related to how the Alerts work, and I can't modify them to make them more keyboard accessible.

However, you can ignore the "Format as" option if you add markdown syntax in your "Text to add" field. For example, for bullet points, you can add an asterisk (*) or a minus sign (-) at the start. For tasks, you need to add a minus sign, followed by an opening and closing square bracket (- [] ). Hope this was helpful!