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Developer Notes & Instructions


7:36pm on December 3, 2023

It would be good to note somewhere that this will destroy certain formatting (for example strike-through text with inline code inside, multiple rich footnotes in a row, code blocks containing literal three backticks, some combinations of empty lines and empty paragraphs, etc.), due to the fact that content sent from plugins to Amplenote isn't fully compatible with the content sent from Amplenote to plugins. It's important to review your note closely after applying the search&replace action!

11:03am on December 4, 2023

Hey David! That is very useful. Did you happen to stumble upon other examples of formatting that doesn't get preserved? I can forward those to our team to make sure we implement and test them properly.

7:24pm on December 4, 2023

@David - the issues you mentioned explicitly should be fixed in the next deploy of the plugin API (Thanks Jordan 🚀). Do you mind clarifying the one about "some combinations of empty lines and empty paragraphs"?