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Developer Notes & Instructions


10:51pm on October 13, 2023

Y no toggl button next to every task in the widgets section??

7:29am on October 14, 2023

Hello there, it's an Amplenote plugin, not a browser extension, and creating a custom button is not possible using the Amplenote plugin API. Also, if you mean by widgets mobile widgets, there is no way to access Amplenote mobile app widgets using a plugin. Please refer to https://www.amplenote.com/help/installing_and_using_plugins#What_can_plugins_do%3F for more details

User #112122
2:41pm on December 13, 2023

Hello! I'm trying to install this but am getting this error when creating a new project, and I'm not seeing the action when I type {

TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'map')

Any thoughts why?

7:07pm on December 13, 2023

Hello there,
regarding actions problem, it has been fixed today. You can test it and reach me if the problem still exists.
For the create project, could you please tell me some details
Did you add your workspace id and personal token correctly in the settings?
Did the modal open and you entered project details? If so what was that values?
Does clients dropdown menu shows the clients ?

7:20pm on January 7, 2024

I setup everything and add {AmpleTrack: Start} for my task.

But nothing happened. Could you make a little bit more specific about how can I start the timer from a task?

9:53pm on January 7, 2024

Hello Peter, thank you for using AmpleTrack. Have you set the personal token and workspace ID correctly in the settings?
Also, do you mean by adding {AmpleTrack: Start} that you just write it in the task? When you write { and start typing the word start a menu should appear that has "AmpleTrack: Start" entry in it, then you should click it. Let me know also, on what platform did you test it?