Task reminders

There are a couple different ways that you can get notifications when your tasks come due. This help page will outline your options for making sure you don't let important events slip through the cracks.

linkSetting the reminder time

Whenever you create a task in Amplenote, you can choose when it happens and when you want to be notified about it:

A reminder will be sent to hollla at 8am on October 6, one hour before the event occurs at 9am

These notifications will be sent on desktop and mobile, if you have downloaded the mobile app and enabled notifications.

linkPush notification reminders

If you're using our app on iOS or Android, you should be able to enable push notifications as the first option in Settings:

iOS Settings page, showing first option of "Task Reminders"

linkCalendar reminders

By connecting your calendar, you can receive notifications about your Amplenote tasks through the mechanisms you have set up in Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Outlook.

If you're using the Amplenote Calendar, read about the Calendar Task Domains#Default reminder option.

linkDiagnosing mobile reminder notifications

iOS and Android offer a lot of options to control how/if notifications are received. If you're not receiving expected notifications on your mobile device, here are some steps to determine what might be going wrong.

1. Ensure that "Task reminders" is enabled in settings. See the screenshot in previous section.

2. Ensure that notifications are enabled for Amplenote. On iOS, this amounts to opening "Settings," dragging down so that the search field is shown, and then searching for "Notifications."

After clicking on Notifications, click on "Amplenote" and ensure that your settings look akin to these settings:

Notification Settings that permit notifications in iOS

3. Ensure that "Focus" mode's "Do Not Disturb" is not enabled for Amplenote. Again within your Settings page, you can click the "Focus" option to check whether Do Not Disturb" is activated. If so, you typically will not receive push notifications from any apps, including Amplenote. If you want to receive reminders from Amplenote in spite of "Do Not Disturb" mode being activated, you can add Amplenote as an app:

After selecting "Focus," tap "Do Not Disturb" if it is marked "On"

Add Amplenote as an "Enabled App" if you want to receive notifications

4. Confirm that the expected notification shows within "Settings." If all of your OS settings look copacetic, the last place to check to understand the cause of your missing notification is the "View scheduled notifications" within Amplenote settings:

Within the Amplenote app, "Settings" has a button to show scheduled notifications

If you have an upcoming task with "Reminder" checked, and the note that task exists within has downloaded, then you should see the task listed within this button. If you the list of notifications is missing a task that you've confirmed has a Start Time set and a "Reminder" checked, feel free to contact our support team and we can help diagnose what's going wrong.