Public User Profiles

Public user profiles allow Amplenote users to see what their fellow users are getting done. Since we aspire to build the most effective software for short-term and long-term goals, a lot of ambitious people end up using Amplenote. It's fascinating to learn how much they get done with it. In this sense, the Amplenote public profile gallery serves as a destination to get inspired by what is possible by getting organized and staying focused.

linkProfile benefits & uses

But that's only one of the ways that you can leverage a public profile to your benefit. Here are a few others:

linkFind collaborators

Profile gallery makes it easy to spot those open to collaboration

The most satisfying goals are often collaborative ones. It's more fun to work on a project when you have someone to discuss it with. And two people can get more done than one.

linkCollect recognition

Amplenote Badges offer collectors a fun way to amass proof of their myriad achievements:

Badges add visual interest to your profile page and tell a story about your interests and engagement.

linkRead what others are writing

Many Amplenote users are avid writers. There's much to be gleaned from reading and understanding the different subjects that have captivated the minds of ambitious thinkers.

linkLearn how others work

There's no right way to use Amplenote. Some people have thousands of tasks, some have less than 100. Browsing profiles offers an intriguing look into the different styles of productivity that are being experimented with. If a user mentions a tactic that's interesting, you can use the "How best to contact me" response to potentially connect with them and discuss their methods.

linkGet an audience with Amplenote employees

The better we understand our users, the better we can build a product that serves their needs. Since Amplenote employees browse public profiles on a weekly basis, filling out your profile gives us a chance to ensure we're building a product maximally relevant to your needs.

linkCreating a profile

To create a profile, click on your account icon in the upper-left corner of Amplenote, then choose the "Public profile" option:

The account icon opens to your Public Profile

This will bring you to your personal public profile, where you can describe your use case to the benefit of other Amplenote users.