What are Jots suggestions and how to configure them?

Jots suggestions are a convenience feature that aims to present contextually relevant options for users who treat Jots View as their "daily dashboard." Here are some of the suggestions that you will see if you use Jots regularly:

A sampling of actions presented in the Jots suggestions dialog

The types of suggestions that you'll be presented can be controlled in the triple dot menu in Jots View mode:

Control what Jots suggestions are shown on a per-tag basis

If you don't want to receive one of these types of suggestions, you can uncheck an option, and optionally restrict the types of suggestions you receive across various other tags.

linkHiding suggestions

After reviewing your Jots suggestions for the day, you might wish to dismiss them to reduce their burden placed on your attention. This is possible through the "Hide until tomorrow" button, which can also hide suggestions for longer periods:

For when you're sick and tired of the algorithm suggesting what you might want to do

This will prevent all Jot suggestions from being shown in the given tag for the time period selected.