iOS share sheet: Capture content from mobile using iOS Automations and mail-to-note

This page offers a more convenient alternative for iOS to the existing guide at Android/iOS share extension: Capture content from mobile apps using mail-to-note, using iOS Shortcuts we've created to make the process faster.

linkGuide to importing and using the app sharing shortcuts

A preview of the end-result, after importing the four available shortcuts linked to from this page, as well as setting two custom destinations (Main TO-DO List and Reading List).

If you're on iOS, in addition to setting up a contact for your Amplenote e-mail address, you can import a set of shortcuts that appear on the share sheet and that forward shared content to your Amplenote account. If you want to jump right in, use the links below to download at least the core shortcut and one of the wrapper shortcuts.

linkFirst, a word on security and privacy

Content you share through these shortcuts will first pass through your e-mail provider.

If you make modifications to one of these shortcuts and publish the link to it somewhere, make sure to strip it of all personal information first (such as your mail-to-note address).

Invoking any of the shortcuts accidentally might expose sensitive content in the device's clipboard by mailing it to one of your notes.

linkThe 4 ways of mailing content to your Amplenote

There are currently four ways in which you can share content to one of your notes using the mail-to-note feature:

Add content as a new task in one of your notes

Add content as a new note

Add content as a new task in today's daily jot

Add content as a new task in tomorrows' daily jot

Below you can find a guide for setting up shortcuts to work with all of the functions above.


linkImporting the shortcuts


Optional step: If you don't have a contact set up for your Amplenote mail-to-note address, create one now by following the guide at Android/iOS share extension: Capture content from mobile apps using mail-to-note

Make sure the iOS mail app is installed on your device and is connected to your personal mail account. Having trouble?

Make sure the Shortcuts app is installed on your device.

Make sure your device is configured to accept installing shortcuts from untrusted sources by going to Settings > Shortcuts and enabling Allow Untrusted Sources. Untrusted sources? Having trouble?

Importing the Share Sheet shortcuts:

Import the core shortcut (not sure how to do that?) by clicking on the following link from your iOS device: the core shortcut:

Importing this shortcut will prompt you to input the destination mail address:

If you followed step number 1 from Prerequisites, choose the contact from your list of contacts;

If you didn't follow step number 1, paste the mail-to-note address of any note;

The note whose mail-to-note address you use for step 5.a will be the default destination used by the share-to-note shortcut (read below to learn more about it).

Running this shortcut for the first time will ask for access to use the iOS mail client.

Import at least one (notes) of the following shortcuts, depending on which method of sharing content you are going to use:

For adding content as a task in one of your notes: the share-to-note shortcut:

Installing this shortcut will ask you for the mail-to-note address of the note you want to send content to;

Leaving this blank will result in sending content to the note whose address you used at step 5.a!

For adding content to a new note: the share-to-new-note shortcut

For adding content in today's daily jot: the share-to-today shortcut

For adding content in tomorrow's daily jot: the share-to-tomorrow shortcut

You are all set!

linkExtra steps and information

linkAdding favorite actions

To increase convenience, you can add shortcuts to your list of favorite shortcuts, which will make them appear higher up on the share sheet. Here's how to do that.

linkSharing the contents of the clipboard

If the shortcuts are invoked manually, without going through the share sheet, the contents of the clipboard will be mailed to your Amplenote account. Using the shortcuts this way is also compatible with Siri.

linkRegistering a new note

If you need to share content to more than one specific note, you have the option of importing the share-to-note shortcut again and configuring it to point to another mail-to-note address. If you find that you keep registering new notes rather often, import the register-new-note shortcut to your device. How it works.

When you import a new shortcut in order to share content to a second note, make sure to rename that shortcut to something that will help you distinguish between various actions, and optionally to choose a new icon for your share action.

linkHow the shortcuts work

There are 6 shortcuts in total that you can import on your device:

The core shortcut is required; it will be called by the other wrapper shortcuts in order to formulate and send e-mails to your Amplenote account. Invoking this shortcut directly will not have any effect and it is configured to not appear on the share sheet. What it does...

Shortcuts 2 through 5 are simple wrappers around the core shortcut that tell it how to send the shared content to your Amplenote account. Given that users might prefer to have multiple specific notes to share content to, the share-to-note shortcut can be imported multiple times, thus it is configurable with a mail-to-note address. The field is optional and if set, it will override the default mail-to-note address configured inside the core shortcut.

linkIdeas for improvement

Add an alert to ask for confirmation before sharing the clipboard?