Mail-to-note usage and options

Mail-to-note is a powerful feature that enables a user to send images or content to a note of their choosing from any platform on which they can send an email. It is enabled by default for all Amplenote accounts.

linkGetting a link to forward email to a note

You can get an email address for any note by clicking the triple-dot icon in the upper right corner of any note on web, then clicking "More options" and finally "Copy mail-to-note address":

linkGetting your account's email token

When you click the "Copy mail-to-note address" link, an email address will be placed in your system copy buffer. Pressing Ctrl-V (PC) or Cmd-V (macOS) will paste the email address, which, by default, will be of the form:

[email token]~[note uuid]

For example Sending an email to this address will result in a new task being created in the note where you clicked "Copy mail-to-note address."

Per the "mail-to-note" options provided in the following section, if you want your forwarded email to create a new note, you will need to modify the email address to strip out the part after the tilde (~) character. For example,

linkMail-to-note options

You can customize which note receives your emailed content, and how it is presented in the note, using the following available mail-to-note options:

[email token]~[note_uuid] (default). Add the emailed content to a specific note as a list item.

[email token] Create a new note named with subject (sans any possible "Re:" or "Fw:" in subject), with content of mail as body of note (not just a list item)

[email token] Add the emailed content as a list item to a note named after today (e.g., "September 4, 2020"), with #daily-jots tag applied

[email token] Add the emailed content as a list item to a note named after tomorrow (e.g., "September 5, 2020"), with #daily-jots tag applied

When using an option that adds content as a list item, the following rules apply:

The list item will match the type of the first list found in the note (that is - bullet list or task list)

The content will be added as a Rich Footnote inside the correct type of list item, where:

The subject of the email will be the caption/link text of the Footnote;

The body of the email will be the contents of the Footnote.

The [email token] that precedes each address is a per-account token that is generated when your account is created.

linkCreating a Contact (Gmail)

A common use case for mail-to-note is to get emails out of your inbox and into your task list. If you expect to regularly send tasks to a note, it's smart to create a contact for that note so that you don't have to go copy the note address every damn time.

To create a new contact in Gmail, first click on their 9-dot button that should be located near the top of your page. Then, scroll down the options available to "Contacts." As of 2020, this is the very last option shown in Google's list of services:

From there, you can tell Gmail the name of the note that you want to email, so you can just type that note name when you want to send tasks to it henceforth: