How to use paid Amplenote features without actually paying in 2023

Early 2022 we were releasing the permanent Free version of Amplenote for the first time. Essentially, this version includes all of the necessary features to implement our vision of The Idea Execution Funnel. And to nobody's surprise, our user count skyrocketed as a result.

As of December 2022, users can choose between 3 paid plans. Those plans unlock some pretty neat features such as Note Publishing and more storage space. We've seen this as a largely successful model, and it has served us well so far, due to the number of power users that want access to - well - power user features.

That said, if you are a power user but cannot afford to pay for Amplenote, we expose a number of different ways through which you can use premium Amplenote features without breaking the bank.

In this document, we'll go over what those mechanisms are and how you can start using them yourself:

linkNew as of 2023: Become a Plugin Developer

Check out this page for more info!

linkBecome an Amplenote Scholar or an Amplenote Videographer

When it comes to the best predictors of a successful product in our niche, we're fairly certain that a Successful Community = a Successful Product.

As will be the recurring theme of this document, the best way to start using Amplenote for free is to start contributing to the community.

If you choose to become an Amplenote Scholar or an Amplenote Videographer, you will earn free months of Unlimited (check out our pricing page for more info on this plan) for every contribution that you make:

Amplenote Scholars are people who write and share educational articles about how to use Amplenote to be more productive, organize knowledge more efficiently or anything else that Amplenote excels at. 💡 This includes Help Articles for the Amplenote Help Center.

Amplenote Videographers are people who produce and share educational videos on Amplenote usage.

Should you choose to help us expand the encyclopedia of available Amplenote documentation, make sure to send us a copy first, and:

We will grant your account a number of Unlimited months;

You will have a new badge on your profile.

linkBecome a member of the Booster Club

The Booster Club is what we call the very kind group of people volunteering to help us spread the word about Amplenote on the online space. Sign up here and:

Get a month of Unlimited when you do (as well as further rewards upon continued activity);

Get a special badge on your profile;

Earn extra feature voting privileges.

linkBecome a Community Helper

We use Discord and Reddit to interface with the community. So far, one of the most successful aspects of these communities is that people can post to ask questions and in less than a day, somebody will have an appropriate answer for them.

Periodically, we award a month of Amplenote to users that are able to answer people's questions (correctly or constructively) before we do. So, if you want to join in on the fun, make sure to join our Discord and Reddit communities and keep an eye out for users seeking for help.

linkInvite someone to Amplenote

When you invite someone to Amplenote and they sign up for a paid subscription using your referral link:

You get a free month of Unlimited added to your account;

You get a special profile badge;

You get extra feature voting privileges.

Check out more here: User referral program and joint venture/affiliate interest.